“We attended a home-buying workshop Gene Berman offered in Petaluma just to see if there was any way to stop paying for our landlord’s mortgage payment. I am a technical writer for a local software company, and the analytical type. I don’t think there are many real estate brokers who would have had the patience to answer my endless stream of questions. Not only was Gene patient, he always seemed to have a sensible answer. We bought a perfect place that we’ve called home for the past five years. When we decided to refinance to take advantage of lower rates, we called For Buyers Only Realty. They made getting our loan totally painless and we got the best service and rate at the lowest cost. Now, I’m transferring to San Diego. For Buyers Only Realty will again help us with our purchase loan, and even found us a Buyer-Only broker just like them to help us find our replacement home. They also referred us to an expert local Petaluma agent to help us sell our home here. On both of these referrals, FBOR agreed to share the fees they’ll earn. If there’s a more competent and complete real estate service for buyers, I haven’t discovered it. And like I said, I am the analytical type who always asks a lot of questions.”

D.Z. and T.I., Petaluma, CA

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